Providing Seamless System to System Integration (Insurance Agency) → (MGA/Carrier) Imagine. No more keying in of ACORD Apps into your Insurance software systems

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Re-keying data from ACORD Applications is time consuming, costly, and inefficient.


MGAs, Wholesalers, and Carriers receive ACORD Apps daily.

  • Some agencies have their insurance management systems print or email ACORD Apps
  • Others use hand-written ACORD Apps which are sent to the Carrier/MGA by fax or email
  • Large amount of time is spent re-entering this data on the Carrier/MGA side


PrintQuoteTM eliminates the need fior double-entry of ACORD Apps.

How PrintQuoteTM Works?

  • A custom print driver is given to the MGA, Wholesaler, or Carrier. When an agency prints an ACORD App to this custom print driver, the data is automatically extracted and passes through XML into the Carrier/MGA's local information system. This process is quick and seamless. In the event that some hand-written data cannot be extracted, the application is forwarded to PrintQuoteTM's processing center for quick turnaround.
  • Free ACORD Forms – PrintQuoteTM offers free ASP ACORD forms that, when submitted, will automatically load into your Carrier/MGA insurance management system.
  • Now, you save time and expense. The agent prints to your unique print driver. The request for quote is logged into your system, automatically.


PrintQuoteTM is provided at no upfront cost. Free custom configuration and setup, followed by only a small per use charge.


Teaming up with Selectsys for our insurance services has been the best decision ever. They helped us immensely with the preparation of quotes, saving us time and money.

Steve Cota, CIO

Selectsys ensures that we maximize our efficiency at Commissions Management. They have stuck by tight deadlines and ensured we received our results in the agreed time frame.

Hunter Moss, President

Selectsys has allowed me the ability to focus on our core business.

Eric Smith, CUO

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