Security Policies

Securing Your Trust, Every Step of the Way



Enhancing Data Privacy and Security at Selectsys

Selectsys prioritizes data privacy through robust technological controls. Our measures include processes and technologies specifically designed to prevent information leakage from our systems via the internet. We ensure stringent security by disabling external drives and implementing software that blocks unauthorized download or copying of files and data from the company's systems, effectively safeguarding against unauthorized access to sensitive systems, files, and folders.

Strengthening Internet and Cloud Security at Selectsys

At Selectsys, we employ cutting-edge solutions like Tipping Point Security to fortify our cloud and network infrastructure against unauthorized access attempts, ensuring comprehensive control over internet and cloud environments. By implementing stringent security protocols, including cloud security measures and network security measures, we maintain a robust defense posture, safeguarding our systems and data from potential threats. Our unwavering commitment to data security is evident in our proactive approach to mitigating risks and staying ahead of evolving threats, thus upholding the integrity and confidentiality of our systems and data, and ensuring peace of mind for our clients and stakeholders.

Ensuring Managerial Oversight of Outsourced Process Associates at Selectsys

Selectsys maintains complete control over its outsourcing unit, from the hiring process to training, ensuring a robust framework for operational management. Our stringent measures include non-disclosure agreements and comprehensive training to educate employees on data security risks. We enhance security by blocking unnecessary internet access and WiFi usage, while also prohibiting the extraction of sensitive information through stringent policies and the promotion of a paperless environment. These measures underscore our commitment to maintaining confidentiality and integrity in our operations."

Ensuring Resilience: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity at Selectsys

Selectsys has established a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan, bolstered by redundant office locations strategically spread across Hyderabad. This proactive approach ensures seamless operations and resilience in the face of potential disruptions, safeguarding our business continuity and reassuring our stakeholders.

Implementing Best Practices for Enhanced Security

At Selectsys, we prioritize the development of best practices aligned with company policies to fortify internal and network security, safeguarding critical information and ensuring compliance with our clients' policies. Through continuous monitoring and assessment, we proactively enhance security measures to meet industry standards, ensuring robust protection for our operations and data


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