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Outsourcing Administrative Tasks: Enhancing Customer Service and Business Growth

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Streamlining Insurance Agent Operations with Back-Office Support

Insurance agents grapple with balancing business growth, client service, and administrative duties, often resulting in time constraints and reduced efficiency. Selectsys offers a solution by entrusting their skilled team to seamlessly handle back-office tasks within AMS360 and Applied Epic systems, saving agents valuable time and resources to focus on effectively building and nurturing client relationships.


Balancing business growth, client service, and administrative duties poses a significant challenge for insurance agents, often leading to time constraints and decreased efficiency.


Entrust Selectsys' skilled team to handle your back-office tasks seamlessly within AMS360 and Applied Epic systems. This outsourcing solution saves you valuable time and resources, allowing you to prioritize building and nurturing client relationships effectively.


  • Enhanced Customer Service: By outsourcing administrative tasks and implementing a dedicated team, businesses can ensure exceptional customer service. This includes timely responses to inquiries, efficient handling of requests, and personalized support, all of which are essential for acquiring and retaining customers.
  • Improved Efficiency: Outsourcing administrative tasks allows businesses to streamline operations and improve efficiency. With a dedicated team focused on executing tasks with precision, processes can be optimized, turnaround times reduced, and workflows streamlined, leading to overall operational improvements.
  • Scalability:Outsourcing administrative tasks provides businesses with the flexibility to scale their operations as needed. Whether experiencing periods of growth or fluctuations in demand, having an outsourced team allows businesses to adjust resources accordingly without the need for significant internal restructuring.
  • Cost Savings:Outsourcing administrative tasks can lead to cost savings for businesses. By leveraging external resources, businesses can avoid the overhead costs associated with hiring and training internal staff, as well as the expenses related to maintaining infrastructure and equipment.
  • Focus on Core Activities:Outsourcing administrative tasks allows businesses to focus their internal resources on core activities and strategic initiatives. With routine administrative tasks managed externally, internal teams can dedicate more time and energy to activities that directly contribute to business growth and success.

Overall, outsourcing administrative tasks offers businesses numerous benefits, including enhanced customer service, improved efficiency, scalability, cost savings, and the ability to focus on core activities, ultimately supporting business growth and success.



Business Process Outsourcing services

Binder and Policy Follow-Ups

Binder and Policy Follow-Ups, managing routine follow-up emails is vital yet repetitive. Delegate this task to us to ensure timely delivery of necessary documents to your insured, freeing you to concentrate on other business priorities with confidence.

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Policy Checking and Quality Control

Policy Checking / Quality Control ensures policy accuracy by cross-referencing with quotes, binders, and relevant bind request details. We provide peace of mind by swiftly addressing any discrepancies to ensure your insured receives an accurate policy promptly.

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Certificate Processing

Certificate Processing may seem quick but can consume considerable time, especially during renewals. Entrust us to swiftly and accurately handle each certificate request, ensuring your insured obtains what they need with minimal effort on your part—simply send us the request, and we'll take care of the rest.

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Endorsement Processing

Endorsement Processing ensures accuracy and completeness in your management system, crucial for error prevention, particularly during renewals. Let our expert team handle the endorsement processing, freeing you from the hassle of managing files or emails and allowing you to concentrate on your client

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Downloads from Carrier Portals

Downloads from carrier portals often get overlooked amidst other tasks. Let Selectsys manage this process by logging into carriers' systems, retrieving important documents, and seamlessly integrating them into your management system, ensuring you never miss a critical update and alleviating unnecessary stress.

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Renewal Processing

For Renewal Processing, our Selectsys team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and continuous renewal process. We'll update your management system with accurate policy details, based on the provided data, ensuring it remains current and precise.

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Claims are an inevitable aspect of insurance, requiring prompt and efficient handling to prevent oversights. Entrust us with the claim details, and we'll swiftly update your system, enabling your claims department to initiate action promptly.

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