New Business Submissions

New business submissions take time to handle and set up. Selectsys offers resources with around-the-clock availability to assist your underwriters with completing new business tasks quickly and efficiently. Our team at Selectsys aims to streamline the process of handling new business submissions so your underwriters have more time and can handle more customers.

Selectsys team members will help your underwriters with the following:

  • Clearance
    • Submission Review
  • Reserving the Market

Clearance: Our team at Selectsys is well-versed in understanding and analyzing all types of insurance application formats, from ACORD applications to agency-specific applications and supplementals.

We will review the received application based on set guidelines in order to capture the relevant data to clear the submission in the Insurance Management System. Our team is detail-oriented and very keen on identifying duplicate records to avoid conflict between agents.

During the review process, we will ensure all information that the underwriter will need to decide on the risk is provided with the submission. If anything is missing, we will request it from the agent or insured on behalf of the underwriter.

In addition, as a part of the clearance process, documents such as the Bureau Rating, SAFER Score, CAB Report, OSHA Report, MVR, Flood Maps, etc. will be gathered and attached to the insured’s file in the Management System. This saves your underwriters a significant amount of time and allows them to get right to the decision-making process.

Reserving the market: Our team is familiar with all major Carrier portals. Once the customer’s application is received, we will go into the appointed Carrier portals, input the customer’s details and reserve the market for the client.

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