Selectsys Information Security Policies and Procedures


Controls (Technology & Systems)

Selectsys enforces strict data privacy.

Process and technology in place to control information leakage from systems via Internet

External drives disabled and software in place to block download or copy files/ data from the company's system and prevent unauthorized access to systems/ files/ folders.

Control Over Internet/ Cloud

Tipping point security, cloud security, network security in place to prevent any unauthorized access.

Managerial Control Over Outsourced Process Associates

Selectsys owns the outsourcing unit and we have full control on hiring process, background checks, training, process and systems.

Non-Disclosure Agreement with employees and training in place to educate them about the potential risk associated with the data security.

Blocking the Internet access and WIFI's wherever not necessary on the floor.

Preventing employees from extracting sensitive information through any means- paper, USBs, mobile phones or any other recordable devices by adopting stringent policies. Creating a paperless environment and prohibiting people from bringing devices to the office premises.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster recovery and Business continuity plan in place with redundant offices spread across Hyderabad.

Best Practices

We develop best practices inline with company policies that cater to internal security/ network security protecting company's critical information ensuring compliance with our client's company policies.

We constantly monitor business functions and continuously assess, evaluate, and improve security measures that match industry standards.

Target Markets
MGA Systems
Orange Partner Program
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