Comparative Rate, Quote & Bind Digital Platform

Enhance your point-of-sale with a Turn-key Comparative Rating Digital Platform. These Cloud-computed Quoting Digital Platform are developed for all Property and Casualty lines of business. Go to market fast, easy, and painless.

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Comparative Rate, Quote & Bind Digital Platform

For MGA’s and Wholesalers, we have developed Single-Entry Multi-Carrier Comparative Rate, Quote & Bind Digital Platform. Enter once and get comparative carrier indications from multiple P&C carriers for all LOBs in real-time. You do not have to re-key a submission again. This is a fully integrated Rate, Quote, and Bind system that allows you to rate multiple carriers and bind online within seconds.

  • Cloud computing Cloud-computed API-driven Rate, Quote & Bind Platform.
  • Business Supports all P&C lines of business.
  • IMS Integrates with IMS and other Insurance Management Systems.
  • API API-driven Rate, Quote & Bind Engine can plug in to any core application.
  • Hosting Hosted on AZURE Cloud and automatically scales to any size and load.
  • Speed Increases speed and reduces time to market.
Comparative Rating
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