Selectsys Max

Open Insurance Management System

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Standalone Rate, Quote & Bind

Selectsys Max is built on MGA Systems backend with Digital First Technology allowing Selectsys Max to be Web based open API driven platform. (MGA Systems on the Web).

  • This fully customizable Management System has all the current functionality MGA Systems offers
  • Built-In customizable CRM
  • Agency dashboard to digitize your agencies & producers
  • Excellent customizable reporting platform (SSRS, Power BI & Dotnet Report Builder)

Why Selectsys Max?

  • MGA Systems on the web accessible on phone, tablet and any browser supporting device
  • Increase in speed and efficiency
  • Customizable and easily configurable reporting platform (SSRS, Power BI & Dotnet Report Builder)
  • Built-in Open CRM System
  • Digitize your agencies and producers with Max’s digital dashboard
  • 24/7 Support

Selectsys Max’s team has taken utmost care in keeping the layout, workflow and UI screens similar to MGA Systems to reduce the need for retraining. It comes with a built-in CRM system, digital agency dashboard and multifactor authentication and there is no need for Citrix or any other third-party software to access Selectsys Max (MGA Systems on the Web).

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