Standalone Rate, Quote & Bind

Cloud computed API driven Rate, Quote & Bind platform

Streamline and upgrade your Excel Rating approach or homegrown legacy rating platform to Selectsys API driven rating platform. This helps you expand your distribution channels and reduces time to market.

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Standalone Rate, Quote & Bind
  • Business Supports all P&C lines of business
  • Insurance management systems Integrates with IMS and other Insurance management systems
  • API API driven Rate, Quote & Bind engine can plugin to any core application
  • Hosted on AZURE Hosted on AZURE Cloud and automatically scales to any size and load
  • Increases speed Increases speed and reduces time to market


Most carriers and MGA’s have outgrown closed legacy rating platforms and/or XL rating. It’s hard to access data, maintain data and even harder to move data across the distribution channel.


Selectsys API driven Rate, Quote & Bind Platform. Hosted on AZURE with auto scaling capability. Captures all data and you will have complete data transparency in Rate, Quote & Bind.

API driven Rate, Quote & Bind platform can be plugged into IMS and other core systems with no extra coding. Rating Versions are maintained and you can go back and forth across multiple rate updates.

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