API OCR Bridge

API-driven OCR Bridge is a AI OCR technology that helps intelligently extract data from ACORD forms or custom forms and bridge data to any API-Enabled insurance management system (IMS and other policy admin systems), rating platform (Netrate and other 3rd party raters) and quoting digital platform. API OCR Bridge is developed for all Property and Casualty lines of business. You do not have to key in a submission again.

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API OCR Bridge
  • Cloud computing Cloud-computed API-driven AI OCR technology.
  • Business Supports all P&C lines of business.
  • IMS Integrates with IMS and other Insurance Management Systems.
  • Bridge API OCR Bridge can plug in to any core application.
  • Hosting Hosted on AWS Cloud and automatically scales to any size and load.
  • Speed Increases speed and reduces time to market..

ACORD Forms Supported by API OCR Bridge

General Liability
125, 126, 211, 823

Workers Compensation

Commercial Auto
125, 127, 129, 137, 163, 823

125, 139, 140, 810, 823

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