Notice of Cancellations

A notice of cancellation (NOC) is a document that alerts the insured that their policy is in jeopardy of being terminated. There are a number of reasons why a NOC may be issued including non-payment of premium, insured’s request, or underwriting reasons. Typically, the cancellation notice must be sent at least 30 days prior to the effective date, however, some states require up to 60 days.

Selectsys can help ensure the timeliness of these notices by logging into the carrier’s website and pulling the documents on your behalf. We will attach the documents to the insured’s account in your document manager, update your system/digital platform, and set up any required tasks or follow-ups, then send the notice to the agent/insured. If necessary, we can also follow up via email on these notices, typically in an attempt to collect the premium due.

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